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If you are interested in Innovation and the Management of IP whether for branding or technology I hope you will find something of interest on my site.

What we do: Supply IP Practice Management Software

Filemot is the home of  Marco  Your Office IP Management System - accessible and affordable software to manage IP assets for innovative organisations and their representatives. For more information and to see a demo go to this page.

Intellectual Property Services

Barbara Cookson also tests the Marco software using it in her own solo practice providing  IP services representing entrepreneurs navigating the world of Patents .

As a brand makes such a big difference to how a team operates and is perceived, Filemot also shares its expertise on Trademark Protection.

We can also help with IP disputes.

Barbara Cookson is  a Solicitor regulated by IPReg. She is also entitled to call herself a Registered Trade Mark Attorney, Patent Agent and some other protected titles.

Where is Filemot Technology?

There is a special page so that you can take a look around the office.

What is Filemot Technology?

The Technology in Filemot Technology is a reference both to the software technology that we have developed that is used by a number of businesses to manage their workflow.  See the software development pages. It also refers to the technology that is protected by patents and designs where we help a select number of clients make the most of their intellectual property assets.

The Filemot is just an interesting word that we picked on as a brand.  You will find it in the dictionary.  It's the name of a colour. In the context of our company name that might not be its primary signification. You could break it up into File and Mot. Patent and Trademark attorneys do a lot of filing documents.  Mot is the French word for word.  At its very simplest patent and trademark practice is nothing more than filing words.  We prefer to pronounce it with the first part as Philly as in soft cheese or a female horse and the second as the Motte in Motte and Bailey not as in the Moat.

We are a consultancy practice that focuses on the needs of IP owners and more specifically, entrepreneurial companies. We appreciate the importance of keeping track of your IP assets and managing them effectively. For this reason, the business provides IT consultancy services and develops applications for managing portfolios of patents, designs, trademarks and domain names.

Comments on this Web Site

This website is a work in progress.  We know it's not perfect because its author is definitely not a professional web designer-she is an intellectual property expert who should probably not give up the day job.  I welcome your feedback.

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