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Domain Portfolio Management

It is all too easy to accumulate a significant portfolio of domain name registrations. Any of your staff or a designer you commission can easily reserve the domain name for you at minimal cost. This simplicity of registration gives rise to two problems:

The benefit of what we do is that we provide a secure renewal service and give you greater freedom when it comes to changing your ISP.

The alternative is to have your ISP look after the renewal process. Fine for one active domain but it can be risky for defensive registrations.


By contrast to .eu and the new top level domains that have gone before, this domain space has a mission - to guarantee that if you access a .mobi site from a mobile device you will get to a website designed to be viewed on a handheld scale.  The Style Guide is here.

In order to register .mobi you are therefore required to use it and in order to avoid Domainers the registration fee is non-trivial with the registry operator mTLD charging $200 to registrars during the current Trademark Sunrise Period which ends on 22 September 2006.

If you have the guts to wait until the Landrush fight for saleable domains, where there is a more modest premium $50 the standard fee will be $24 for a two year registration. The Whois service is here so you can see who has invested.

If you need help securing your registrations let me know.


The sunrise launch period is now over and you can type .eu into your browser. The registrars think its a success because there are close on 2 million new domains.  Few of those domains have found valuable  roles other than to provide space for yet more pay per click advertising.  However European Union organisations are moving over to promote their presence in their own space.

You can check the status of any .eu at the Whois.  If you did not apply during the sunrise period,  you will find it much easier to register under the landrush if your domain has not been taken.  Landrush applications still require the registrant to be eligible as a European - undertakings having their registered offices, central administration or principal place of business within a member state as well as nationals qualify. Domains registered in breach of these qualifying criteria are now being suspended.

We will register .eu domain for you and add it to our database to ensure it is renewed on time and that you can change ISP at will for a very moderate fee.

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