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Introducing the MARCO database

Our Patent, Trademark and Domain Tracking Database provides a workflow management system for the IP practitioner. This is a relational database.  You enter each client, each proprietor, each logo and each agent only once and link them to your individual records for trademarks, domains, patents, designs, oppositions and agreements. Each type has its own form designed to hold the relevant data.  There's a Miscellaneous form too for those enquiries and activities that have no other home.

This database has been refined through years of actual use. It presents each user with their personal action list and its interactive.  If you want it will control your day and tell you what to do next!  We have tried to derisk the IP management process so if the case is pending, you must enter your review date.  If the mark is registered, it will whinge at you until you tell it when you want to be reminded about renewal.  The patent form is even smarter to allow you to cope with all those due dates in parallel.  You can even teach it about the process you want to follow if you don't want to do it the FILEMOT way.

The database also generates reports personalised with your own trademark and will output its data by merging it with skeleton files to generates letters, faxes or emails to your clients and agents.  It will also produce forms, powers and indeed you have the capability to give it new skeletons for whatever document your practice needs.

IP Owners

Developed originally for the agent - multiple client model, the marco database has the potential to manage corporate intellectual property assets  - known  in the big boys industry as Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).  For a good and short analysis of what IAM is intended for see this article by Damian Porcari of Ford about a system jointly developed with BAT owner of an unbelievable quantity of global trademark registrations. 

The key to success, whether you are Ford or an entrepreneurial business, is to be able to link information about your products and activities with your IP and this has to happen from the earliest days. Access is important too and its not helpful to silo knowledge of your IP assets to just a few people.  When Ford claims 7,000 users they don't just mean their IP professionals.  For this reason we license by organisation and not by user.

Many businesses that have no in-house IP capability rely on one or more external agents to assist them.  They become dependent on the agent and vulnerable to uncontrollable costs.  Follow the example of big IP owners and take control of your data.

Using the marco database you can communicate straight from the record page to the relevant party and give instructions quickly and effectively to the relevant party.

Our mission is to promote innovation and we think that control of the information allows you to innovate effectively.  If you decide not to use it yourself make sure your attorney does.

Costs and Demonstrations

If you would like pricing details, please contact us.  Don't be afraid we have no quarterly bills and we aren't recovering the costs of a transatlantic development team.  You get value for every penny you pay.  Our licensing structure is simple too.  You can buy a single user licence at a very modest entry point or a corporate licence. You can't resell it but it will grow to more seats with your practice and we won't take it away, so while Microsoft Access lives so does your marco database.

We are currently building the user group to make the development of other asked for improvements worthwhile. Join us and you can be part of that process.

Alternatively if you want to experience the benefits of Intellectual Asset Management before investing in the deployment of something more expensive, try us but you might not want to leave.

To get a flavor of what it is like to use Marco click here.

If you would like an evaluation copy and demonstration just ask.

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