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Our Services

Our core area is the development of workflow software built using Microsoft Office® applications to manage the tasks that you perform for your clients.

Our Analyst

Our analyst, Tim Freeman was educated at Ludgrove, Uppingham and St Andrews University (Prince William went to Eton instead of Uppingham).  After a period working as a chef at the now defunct L'écu de France restaurant in Jermyn Street, at the Metropolitan Police Training School in Hendon and at Pinewood Studios where he baked scones to be served to Princess Diana during that famous visit when she was able to strike Prince Charles on the head with a sugar bottle, Tim decided to make a career out of his lifelong enthusiasm for computing. 

The databases built on machines like the Tandy TRS80 and the Sinclair Spectrum could at last become viable business tools. One of his first major projects was to manage the fault reporting during the testing of the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) service while working for BT.

Tim has developed the MARCO™ system for tracking the progress of intellectual property assets including patents, trademarks and domains.  This system has been used by two major London law firms as well as by Filemot to manage its own intellectual property services and a growing group of leading IP practitioners in private practice and industry.


The Aunt Sally™ system designed for Goodwille monitors all the deadlines for the company secretarial functions that Goodwille provides to its clients as well as providing document management, contact relationship management and accounting through a single, intuitive interface.

We recommend Goodwille for your company secretarial requirements.


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