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What we do

For select clients we provide a service to create and manage their intellectual property assets. The clients we act for benefit from our specific strengths in software development and/or our research interest in the role that the legal profession plays in the development and transfer of technology through fast-growing business.

Entrepreneurial Clients

Our patent clients are primarily entrepreneurial companies intending to grow their business rapidly based on their technology.  They want to use their intellectual property as a strategic asset with a specific purpose. Current clients include:

Trademark Review


Take it or "Leaf" it.  Here are some jottings from the leaves of my notebook

Filemot's Trademark Review Published - Click Here

Updated Trademark

Review  2006

Brand Owners

Are you having difficulties with the Trademarks Registry?

Have you got into intractable correspondence with someone who uses a similar trademark?

Is someone making unauthorised use of your brand?

Has someone unexpectedly opposed your trademark?

Do you need some help with selecting a new brand?

Do you need the advice you are receiving from your existing adviser translated into plain English?

In all these circumstances, we believe that our friendly, straightforward approach combined with our extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with both the UK Trademarks Registry and OHIM-the office which deals with the registration of community trademarks-can help you overcome these difficulties.

We also have contacts with a large number of similarly experienced attorneys around the world and are willing to make recommendations or source advice for you.

Large Portfolio Owners

If you own a large portfolio of patents or trademarks, you may have acquired them by using a variety of agents or attorneys.  This will certainly be the case if these assets are spread around the world.  While many large portfolio owners rely on the services of a single coordinating agent, this represents significant dependence on a third-party. While it may well be prudent to outsource the management task, this should always be done in a controlled way that leaves you in charge and able to transfer the management contract to achieve the best outcome for your business. 

As a first step in getting control of your portfolio, it is essential, in our opinion, that the owner has ownership of the key data necessary for that management.  Our software systems can provide you with that solution without leaving you overly dependent on our continued existence.  We believe that our clients should have the liberty to instruct us or others according to their needs.

Law Firms

We offer consultancy and training services for your staff to help you implement an efficient intellectual property service to your existing clients.  Effective working methods are essential to the management of a profitable IP service which can complement and keep you in touch with your valued clients.

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