Trademark Services

Protecting your brand values.

Words, signs, symbols, even tunes may serve as a badge of origin. If yours is unique to your trade, then it should be registered as a trade mark in every territory where you want to trade. Selecting your trade mark can make a big difference to the costs of managing and defending your brand. Filemot has worked with brands before they were born, and brands that are well established, and rescued brands from genericide and bought them back to life from insolvency.

Selecting your trademark

Once upon a time it was absolutely essential to commission expensive searches to discover whether a third party might have something similar registered. Of late, with the advent of well-known search engines and the transposition of registers from around the world onto publicly available databases, there is a great deal of trademark clearance that can be done without professional assistance. Depending on the level of risk you want to take, it may be helpful to take advice and commission searches, which may show up phonetic equivalents or other similar signs that didn’t quite match your original keyword but which could be a problem in the market.

Trademark disputes

Opposition is the procedure by which the owner of an earlier right prevents a later one registering a conflicting mark. A trademark owners responsibilities do not end when it is registered. As a trademark owner you need to stick your elbows out and make sure that nobody adopts a confusingly some of their mark. We can help you develop a strategy and implement it worldwide if necessary. Similarly, you may have to defend oppositions as you develop your portfolio.

Infringement actions are needed when someone else is using in the course of trade a similar mark. We can advise and assist in defending your brands and should you be unlucky enough to have a complaint land on your desk, please call us straight away.

Trademark registrations

We can help you secure your trademark in the UK, at the European IPO (at least until Brexit) and using the Madrid system for the international registration of trademarks. Trademark registrations are mainly territorial and it is often necessary to use local associates.. We work with trusted colleagues who will go the extra mile for you.

We can help your business with the minefield that is Intellectual Property.