About Filemot Technology Law

Filemot Technology Law is a limited company of which Barbara Cookson is the sole director and shareholder. The company employs me and Tim Freeman. Tim is in charge of information technology and developed the MARCO database that allows one attorney to manage her workload without administrative staff.

Today, the practice is about three quarters based on trademarks and registered designs and the rest is patent work.

On all forms of intellectual property we are prepared to deal with litigation, particularly for modestly sized claims.

Filemot supports the IP pro bono initiative which exists to make IP advice available to those who need it but cannot afford it. It’s particularly useful if you find yourself having to defend an unexpected infringement claim and don’t have enough turnover to support even Filemot modest bills.

We can help with a range of Intellectual Property Services


Patents are for innovators who want to protect a technical invention that hasn’t been disclosed to the public. Filing in the UK first establishes your priority and the opportunity to file elsewhere within 12 months.


Registering your brand names and/or logos as trademarks allows you and/or business to prevent others in a similar line of business adopting similar names and/or imitating your brand name or logos.


Copyright is free and arises automatically when an artistic literary or musical work is created. It lasts for 70 years after your death and only infringed when someone copies your work.

Why choose Filemot Technology Law

For further information and help with patents, designs and trademarks.