Who we can help with Intellectual Property

For every type of intellectual property there are at least two perspectives from which it can be viewed. For a patent you may be the inventor or you may be someone who is considering licensing the patent , investing in the business that owns it, or be concerned that it represents a barrier to your proposed business activities. Similarly for a trade mark or design registration. Whether you view intellectual property as an attacker or defender, it is important to take early advice to establish your strengths and weaknesses. I aim to provide pragmatic advice that recognises your  perspective on the problem.

I am an Entreprenuer

For you, IP is important because you need to know where it comes into your business model. Will you own all the IP you need or will you be using IP belonging to other people or businesses that you need to licence.

You will need to own your own name and make sure before you adopt it that it wont cut across the rights of anyone else and get you into an unwanted conflict.

I am a business owner

For you, IP is important because you need some freedom from the harsh world of competition. If you are developing new products and can secure patent protection, you can reduce the impact of competition while you invest in developing the new market. Your brand equity can be protected by having a strong trademark portfolio. You can use your IP to secure a loan, to persuade investors to join you in the journey and even secure you tax advantages.

I am an Investor

For you, it is important to know the value and significance of your target’s IP. Whether it is simply verifying a schedule or assessing the likelihood that a patent will be granted on an application, I can help. For many potential investees the value lies in know-how and people and these are assets only personal investigation can assess. Due diligence for the sake of it is best left to the large law firms, but Filemot excels at pragmatic guidance and can help you spend your due diligence wisely.

I am an In-house Lawyer

For you – whether you are employed in house, in a larger UK law firm with other specialisms or are based in another jurisdiction,  it is important to have a specialist IP expert on hand who can provide a personal service and years of expertise in managing, procuring, enforcing and defending IP in the UK Intellectual Property Office, the EU Intellectual Property Office, the World Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office and the English courts including the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.