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How we can help

As an entrepreneur you need to get a grasp of when to consider intellectual property and how to keep ideas secret until you are ready to disclose them. Using the patent literature for research is a great way of learning where others have been and failed. Talking to a patent attorney helps you plan when your ideas are ready to support a patent application. Stress test them first with trusted friends and mentors and establish if there could be a market.

Filing Patents

I can help you turn your ideas and prototypes into a patent application, but only you can build a business and make your invention fly. A granted patent is a tool along the way not an end in itself.


Every startup begins with a naming ceremony. Bringing a project together demands a working title. This may or may not be your forever brand, but if you decide it should be, try not to fall in love with a sign that cannot be registered as your exclusive trademark. We can help you understand the search results and the risks there may be and then help you protect your chosen brand. Meanwhile some in-depth international searches can be carried out free.

Patent Disputes

Disputes are not something an entrepreneur wants but there are some that can arise. Who owns what is often the biggest issue for a spin out business and getting that clear can avoid many issues. I have experience of acting in patent disputes at the UK’s intellectual Property Enterprise Court if need be.

Copyright and Trade Secrets

Research from the Eurostat Community Innovation Survey 2012 suggests innovating European businesses use trade secrets more often than patents for protecting their innovations. The highest users of trade secrets are often those who file the most patents. Trade secrets require good management but avoid publication. Even though its tempting to use both tools together, remember that a patent that does not sufficiently disclose the invention is invalid.

Protect your innovation and brand.