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How we can help

As your business grows, it’s helpful to have strategic input and tailored advice. Filemot technology Law Ltd doesn’t do standard letters. In the 21st century, technology permits us to take the time to treat your business as an individual. A little age means that I have seen businesses grow from the first enthusiastic ideas through funding rounds, acquisitions and disposals. It’s always a delight to see patented technology on the supermarket shelves or growing in a real construction site


Global trademark portfolios can get out of hand and we specialise in keeping careful (paperless) records for our clients that allow a consistent strategy to be applied. Watching for conflicts on the trademark registers and managing oppositions and settlements is a particular expertise. I have acted as a representative before the European Union IPO since it was created and subject to Brexit can manage your oppositions and filings. I frequently represent clients before the UK trade mark registry in oppositions both as opponent and applicant and will advise you on settlements and whether to use the fast track or spend time on evidence.

Patent issues

We act as agents before the UK IPO and the European Patent Office (this will not be affected by Brexit) and can undertake national phase entries of PCT applications. For work before the European patent office, official fees (which are heavy) are usually required in advance. More details available.


Business owners frequently overlook the value of design protection. It was invented for the Jewellers of Birmingham but they eschewed it. However, as the UK prepares to join The Hague system for the international protection of designs and online portals become easier to use, it pays to review your use of design registration.


As a solicitor advocate, I can both conduct litigation in the United Kingdom and act as an advocate. The purpose of patents is to provide you with a monopoly and if there is infringement, then prompt action can prevent further damage. Patent litigation is not only for the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries who feel obliged to spend millions. The U.K.’s Intellectual property enterprise Court has made patent litigation possible on a much more modest budget.

Keep your assets and brand protected.