Keeping your portfolio up to date and protected.

How we can help

No tech company will absolutely promise that its patent monopoly position is cast-iron but they would like you to think that their patent portfolio adds huge value to your investment. We can help you understand what the patent schedules mean and help you assess whether third-party patent risks are within your appetite. We can verify facts and assertions about the target’s patent portfolio, but the final decision will always be yours. Having spent 10 years as a partner in the intellectual property Department of two city law firms that were heavily involved in corporate transactions, I have looked at or created a significant number of due diligence reports. Filemot does not delegate this work to trainees or assistants, so you benefit from the experience you expect.

Investee support

When a young company becomes a client of a well established patent firm, it’s eagerness to keep down the IP bills may result in it being allocated the services of a trainee. There is also the risk that fee reductions granted in the early days would be recovered with interest by inflated fees for administrative tasks. This frequently leads to investee companies needing to make a fresh start. For more information please do get in touch.

IP audits

Government support for SMEs to help them grow has taken many forms. The UK intellectual property office has recognised that SMEs can benefit from having an IP audit to identify actions that they can take to make better use of the intellectual property within their businesses. Filemot is happy to help if you have been awarded one


No investor wants its investees to get involved in expensive litigation, especially as damages in English law don’t represent windfall profits. Nevertheless, if there is an infringement situation, it’s better to tackle it head-on than put your head in the sand. Litigation in the UK doesn’t have to cost millions.

Keep your portfolio up to date and protected