Intellectual Property Services

As a chartered patent agent, chartered trademark attorney and solicitor advocate, I am well qualified to assist you in procuring the registered intellectual property rights such as patents trademarks and registered designs, that will allow you to defend your intellectual property against unauthorised use. I can also help you consider all the factors necessary to decide whether disclosing your invention in a patent specification is better for your business than attempting to keep it as a trade secret.


A patent is for innovators who want to protect a technical invention that has not yet been disclosed to the public. A first filing in the UK establishes your priority and the opportunity to file elsewhere within 12 months.


Registering your brand names and logos as trademarks allows you to prevent others in a similar line of business adopting similar names and imitating your brand name or logo.


Copyright is free and arises automatically when an artistic literary or musical work is created. It lasts for 70 years after your death but is only infringed when someone copies your work.


Your design documents, such as CAD drawings or fashion sketches, have some automatic protection by copyright.. In the United Kingdom we also have unregistered design right.