I have written a post on the SOLO blog about the various views of professional bodies for trademark agent and organisations that represent brand owners on the subject of Brexit. please read that if you want in-depth thoughts on this topic.

The European commission is suggesting that brand owners need to take the lead and not rely on the UK government or them to protect their interests.

If you are trading in the UK today, it makes sense to have a UK trademark registration.  If that modest expense is too much of a burden on your budget, then you are probably a lifestyle company and continuing to operate without feeling the need to defend your brand may well be a pragmatic position to take.

It is relatively quick to change representation at the EUIPO and therefore I would suggest that it is premature to do so now. I am certainly considering various options for ensuring that my clients are looked after after March 2019 or whatever date our transition ends, which now may well be two years later. Indeed, it will only be vital to have valid representation if your registration is involved in an active proceeding such as an opposition or cancellation proceeding at that time.